About Herbal Fixes

At Herbal Fixes, we source and manufacture premium quality natural and organic herbal products including herbal weight loss powders, teas, supplements and oils. We are PCSIR certified business, we inspire individuals to respect our mother Earth, embrace a healthy lifestyle and explore the benefits of seeds and herbs including Papaya seeds, Flax seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Green Tea leaves, Green beans, Garlic powder, Kalongi (Black Cumin) powder, Ispaghol husk, organic mineral salt, cumin seeds, dried lemon powder and mint leaves powder, moringa powder. For our herbal oil formulation, we use Lavander oil, Rosemary oil, Peppermint oil, Pumpkin Seeds oil, organic cold pressed coconut oil, almond oil and Black seed (Kalongi) oil.

These herbs are another proof that nature is kind and has many remedies available which can improve our life.

That’s why we must allow nature to thrive by keeping the soil chemicals-free, planting trees and shrubs, and practicing environmentally friendly acts.

Herbal Fixes respects nature by farming with organic fertilizers and using safe manufacturing processes. These herbs show their maximum potency when used in raw, unprocessed form, versus their processed counterparts.


  • Only premium quality, organic, insecticide/pesticide free raw materials are used for our herbal formulations. We assure that the quality and efficacy of our products is always upto the mark by ensuring a close liaison with our farmers and suppliers.. Every single batch of raw material, undergoes rigorous testing by our labs, including testing for harmful chemicals and heavy metals, such as lead and mercury.

  • The large pool of our loyal customers trust us because we consistently work hard to bring the best organic products for them, without ever compromising our standards on quality and efficacy.


  • Our exclusive focus on organic herbs along with our years of experience of sourcing unique ingredients, make us experts in herbal formulations.

  • We never compromise our quality standards. We spend time and resources, to source the best qualityingredients, so that our customers can get best results from our products.

  • Customer feedback is very much important to us! We are eager to improve and value feedback from our customers. With 5 star rated customer service, we personally take care of our customers and have personal relationships with our so many satisfied customers.
  • If you follow our attached diet plans, then we assure you that you will be 100% satisfied with our products. If you don’t get the expected results, you can have your money back.

Go ahead, and use our products with full confidence, knowing that you are getting the best organic herbs and making our world a better place!

We, at Herbal Fixes thrive for the best. Quality control and the efficacy of the products is our main goal. Keeping everything organic is our expertise. And satisfying our users is our priority.

We have a series of products which have been in the line of constant testing and clinical trials ever since we started, that is 2017. Our herbalists, are known for their proficiency in herbal Medicine and work very hard for delivering the right products to you.

Our nutritionists, help in devising the best plans for you which would work for everyone in general.

Do More, Feel Better, Live longer!