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Herbal Fixes

Herbal Slimming Tea

Herbal Slimming Tea

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1. The green coffee powder which is a major part of the slimming tea helps in reducing the fat cells that accumulate around the belly area. The slimming tea effectively removes the toxins from the body and helps in reducing water retention in the body. Mostly women with edema find the tea very effective and the slimming tea is very beneficial for bloating too. The tea is named as slimming tea but it carries various benefits for PCOS and thyroid patients. Spear mint leaves are a major ingredient of the tea. The hair growth on unwanted body parts reduces as it restores normal body functions, reduces the androgens in the female body and thus helps in reversing PCOD and controlling PCOS.

2. Our package comes along with 3 different diet plans, one is the PCOS diet plan, second is the Boost plan and the third one is the metabolism boosting diet plan. A free detox mixture recipe is also included in our complimentary items which adequately removes the toxins and quickens up the fat burning process.

What you will receive

Free Consultation

One PCOS weight loss Diet Plan

One 7 days weight loss Booster plan

Special weight Loss diet plan

Detox Mixture recipe

Slimming Organic Tea


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apart from weight loss, this particular tea has helped me with my PCOS and hair growth on face, chin and neck. the hair growth has reduced and I feel it is reducing the hair on unwanted hair areas. my bloating is almost gone. and I feel much better with less mood swings too. I will order my next batch when I come to Pakistan